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Custom Solutions

E.g. custom company formation, holding structures, individual share capital, specific corporate seats - Customised upon request.

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Speed and flexibility

In these days speed and flexibility are more than important. Blitzstart gives you the ledge to outpace your competitors.

Experienced lawyers

Our board members are lawyers admitted to the bar who have many years of experience and expertise. We understand your needs. Since 1998 Blitzstart has established and sold more than 10,000 shelf companies, including countless holding structures and custom corporate solutions.

We adapt to your requirements

Establishment of a company, reorganization, transactions or IPO. We support you with our shelf companies, holding structures or any other custom solution.

Nationwide corporate seats

We hold a large stock of shelf companies with corporate sear in German major cities (Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf & Stuttgart). The corporate seat can be relocated to a city of your choice as part of the purchase.

Selection of banks

Our shelf companies come with an existing bank account. You can choose from Commerzbank, Postbank, Merkur Privatbank, Hoerner Bank (check) and others.

Corporate Services

After formation or acquisition of a company, we support you with our range of services in terms of management, administration, liquidation etc.
Hoerner Bank
Merkur Bank
Bankhaus Herzogpark
Warburg Bank

Our offer
Corporate Services

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