Blitzstart stands for professionalism with the highest quality standard. First-class service arises when your needs and our services are precisely matched. It is our goal to offer you the best possible service for your business success at all times.

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Your professional service provider since 1998

Competitive ledge

In these days speed and flexibility are more than important. Blitzstart gives you the ledge to outpace your competitors. We support you with our shelf companies – be it for company start-ups, company reorganizations, transactions, IPOs or any other project.

At your service since 1998

Since its formation in 1998, Blitzstart has established and sold more than 10,000 shelf companies. Our board members are lawyers admitted to the bar who have many years of experience and expertise. We always offer the best solution to you. The most convenient and reliable implementation of your request is ensured through our competent and long-standing team.

Broad range of services

We offer the following legal forms: GmbH (LTD), SE (Societas Europaea), AG, GmbH & Co. KG (LLP), KG (LP) and UG (EC). We are happy to create uniform limited liability partnerships (Einheits KGs) and form holding structures or companies according to your custom requirements.

Three factors indicate a successful relationship with Blitzstart.

1. Professional

Board stock

All German company forms and SEs available


Standardized formation process


Bilingual documentation (German English)


Compliance with the current legal situation / case law

German Shareholders

Our founders are German entities only. In the case of SEs with an SE based in Germany (secondary establishment).

Balance sheet

We prepare an opening balance sheet for each company.

2. Reliable

Free and non-binding

Making a reservation of a company is free and non-binding.

Now legacy risks

We guarantee that our shelf companies did not conduct business in the past.


Our board members are fully qualified lawyers and have many years of experience and competence in the field of shelf companies.

No formation costs

The formation costs are paid in full and there are no liabilities or obligations.

Bank account

Each shelf company has a bank account. Our portfolio includes various banks.

Risk reduction

The risk of personal liability, differential liability and “disguised non-cash incorporation” can be excluded by acquiring a shelf company.

Cost transparency

We guarantee cost transparency.

3. Fast


We are always available and enable you to process within 24 hours or faster.


Upon order, we send the complete documentation including power of attorney to act for Blitzstart by courier.

Immediate business use

The shelf companies can be used for business immediately after notarization of the purchase.

Individual requirements

Do you have any special requests? No problem! We are happy to form companies or holding structures according to your individual requirements.

Standardized sales process

Our internal sales process is highly standardized enabling a quick purchase.

PoA & flexibility

We offer flexibility in our sales process by offering execution by power of attorney or personal appearance at the notary appointment (only in Munich).

Blitzstart Group

Blitzstart conducts its business activities through Blitzstart Holding AG and its subsidiaries. Our shelf companies are initially established by Blitzstart companies as shareholders and are held by them without conducting any business activity until sold.

Our values

We are committed to professionalism at the highest quality standards. A first-class service arises when our services match exactly your needs. Our goal is to offer you the best possible service for your business success at all times.