Creating holding structures according to your needs

We create holding structures according to your individual requirements. We can both create the structures with companies from our portfolio or set up new companies for this purpose. We may also partially use existing and newly founded companies to set up a holding structure – upon your needs and requests.

Holding Structures

Purchase Price: On demand

Send us your specifications!
  • Individual according to your specifications
  • Immediate implementation after your approval
  • Legal compliant
Additional advantages with Blitzstart:
  • 20 years of experience with 10,000+ sold shelf companies
  • Detailed offer & quote
  • Full capitalization prior to sale

Blitzstart’s special expertise

Blitzstart has extensive experience in the creation of highly complex holding structures. Among other services, we offer you the following (non-exhaustive list):

Creation of complex holding structures (on demand)
Any combination of company seats, legal forms possible etc.
We create the structure in accordance with your order and on short notice
We ensure that the structure is capitalized in accordance with the law
If you receive an offer for a structure from us, we have already fully clarified the capitalization of the structure for you with the banks involved – this guarantees rapid implementation
On request our structures come with profit-and-loss transfer agreement(s) already in place and registered with the commercial register

Custom solutions

We can implement any legally permitted requirement. Upon your request, you will receive an offer from us in which we will explain the process for creating the structure, the exact contribution / payment conditions and any capital flows. We will also lay out the resulting costs in detail.

    Close cooperation with notaries

    We closely coordinate the creation of structures with the implementing notaries. As a rule, we can create complex structures immediately after approval, often within 24 hours. We have a long-standing business relationship with many notaries, so the implementation is routine and fast.

    Example of customer specifications:

    GmbH (Ltd) based in Frankfurt with a subsidiary GmbH based in Stuttgart.
    Eight-level GmbH structure, in which each of the GmbHs was originally founded by the respective mother company.
    Holding structure consisting of a GmbH based in Munich and a total of five subsidiary GmbH based in Cologne, Frankfurt and Hamburg.
    Three-level GmbH (Ltd) structure with profit-and-loss transfer agreement.