Custom Solutions

We always hold a large stock of shelf companies. If you have any custom requirements, we will be happy to implement them before you purchase and take over one of our shelf companies. Upon request, we also do custom company formations.

Custom Solutions

According to your specifications

Free of charge and non-binding:
  • Individual according to your specifications
  • Immediate implementation after your approval
  • Customization prior to delivery
Additional advantages with Blitzstart:
  • 20 years of experience with 10,000+ sold shelf companies
  • Detailed offer & quote
  • Full capitalization prior to sale

Modification of shelf companies

We would be happy to customize our existing shelf companies according to your specifications and wishes before you sell and take them over. The following are examples of frequently requested modifications.

Statute changes

Upon request, we are happy to make changes to the articles of association of our shelf companies for you, so that you can already acquire the shelf company with the amended articles of association.

Seat relocations

We offer shelf companies based in numerous German cities (subject to availability). Upon acquisition, you can easily move the seat to a city of your choice. We are also happy to relocate the seat for you before acquiring the shelf company.

Different fiscal year

The statutes of our companies provide for the calendar year as the fiscal year. If you require a different fiscal year, we will be happy to make a corresponding change to the articles of association before you acquire the company.

Custom company formations

A shelf company that was established exactly according to your specifications. Possibly as part of a more complex holding structures. We are happy to provide such service to you. We take care of company formations of all types and complexity for you. Your advantage? We fully capitalize our companies right after they are founded and register them with the commercial register. We are able to provide this service very fast as we are in close contact with our portfolio banks and an account for a newly founded company can be opened on short notice. This advantage that should not be underestimated. It enables us to create even complex corporate and capital structures for you in a very short time, which can then be acquired immediately and take over directly from us. We are happy to meet your specific requirements. Prior to implementation, you will receive a detailed offer from us, in which we present and explain the legal details and the exact steps towards the envisaged solution. In this offer we also list all costs and remuneration incurred for our service. The following are examples of frequently requested custom company features.

Individual statues

We set up companies for you with individual statutes according to your specifications.

Seat of your choice

We set up companies for you with company seat of your choice. Any place within Germany is possible.

Different fiscal year

We set up companies for you with a fiscal year that differs from the calendar year.
We set up companies faster than you are usually able to. Thus, your desired company is available to you earlier.

Why Blitzstart?

Formation of any German legal form (and SE) possible.
Our companies are available with a bank account.
We can create simple or highly complex Holding structures for you.
We will disclose our approach to you in detail and prior to implementation.
Our costs are fully transparent.
We have the right solution for your requirements.

Cooperation with notaries

We coordinate a planned company formation closely with the notary commissioned by us. After your approval, we are regularly able to found your custom company the same day. As a result, the company is available to you within a very short time and can be taken over by you in a timely manner.

Example of customer specifications:

"GmbH (Ltd) based in Kassel, Germany."
"AG (PLC) with fiscal year from July 1"
"Three-level GmbH (Ltd) holding structure, whereby each GmbH is founded by the respective parent GmbH, with a different fiscal year and different company seats."