Buy an AG (German stock corporation) shelf company

Acquire an AG, German stock corporation in a maximum of 24 hours with Blitzstart. Our AGs have a bank account that can be taken over on request. The share capital of EUR 50,000 is fully paid up. You buy our AG shelf companies legally secure, fast and uncomplicated.

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AG shelf company

56,500 €incl. 50,000 € Share capital

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  • Immediate availability
  • Share capital fully paid up
  • At your location
Additional advantages with Blitzstart:
  • Duly incorporated and registered
  • Bank account available
  • Can be acquired immediately without a notary
  • Formation and purchase documents (German / English)

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Katja Gogalla
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Basics “Buying an AG shelf company”

In the following, we would like to shed light on some questions relating to the topic "buying an AG shelf company". If you want to buy an AG at Blitzstart and have questions about marking a reservation or purchase, visit the following page directly: Acquisition process.

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