Liquidate a company / liquidate a GmbH

Companies that are no longer needed are often not liquidated immediately, which incurs further running costs. Carrying out a liquidation by an attorney or consultant is time-consuming and usually not cost-efficient.

Our solution: We (re-)acquire such companies for liquidation purposes.

We are happy to make an individual offer.

Der Lebensyklus eines Unternehmens: Gründung/Erwerb (Blitzstart Vorratsgesellschaften), Unternehmensverwaltung (Blitzstart Corporate Services), Liquidation (Blitzstart Corporate Services). Liquidation ist gehighlighted.

Our services

Blitzstart Services liquidates the company you no longer need in a reliable and professional manner. The company is purchased immediately and can therefore be derecognised (German: ausgebucht) from the company's accounts and records immediately. The client is no longer occupied with the actual liquidation. Alternatively, we can provide you with a managing director as a liquidator.

We also offer to liquidate entire holding structures. Contact us!

Liquidation process:

Blitzstart acquires the company at the value of its liquid equity capital (minus liquidation costs and any outstanding liabilities) and appoints the liquidator while at the same time dismissing and relieving the previous representative bodies (typically managing director(s)).
The company can be derecognised (German: ausgebucht) from the company's accounts and records immediately.
The purchase price is immediately available to you as "liquidation assets".
Blitzstart takes over the complete liquidation of the company up to the deletion in the commercial register.
Blitzstart fulfills all statutory retention requirements.


The costs involved are transparent and manageable. We are happy to inform you about the costs of the liquidation.