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We offer German shelf companies of various legal forms: GmbH (Ltd), SE (Societas Europaea), AG, GmbH & Co. KG (LLP), KG (LP) and UG (Mini Ltd). All shelf companies are duly incorporated in accordance with German law.

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Basics “Buying a shelf company in Germany”

What is a shelf company?

Shelf companies are pre-established, already registered and thus legally existing companies that can be taken over immediately by an acquirer. Acquirers who buy such a shelf company save time and the effort of a self-conducted company formation and registration process. Shelf companies are established solely for the purpose of being held as a shelf company and thus initially only exist as a non-operating "shell". The company only initiates business operations after a buyer actually acquired the shelf company and subsequently evolves into an operative company.

When to buy a shelf company?

You should buy a shelf company if you want to be able to act as quickly as possible and if you want to use a company for business activities at short notice.

Problem: lengthy formation of a German GmbH, SE, AG etc.

A company formation process can be very lengthy and can take upto several weeks. If you found a GmbH (Ltd) under German law, for example, you must first have the formation of the GmbH notarized at a notary’s office. With the deed on the formation of the company, you then set up an account with a bank. It takes time until the bank account is actually active and you have been able to pay up the share capital in full into the newly established bank account. The notary can only register your company for entry in the commercial register if he or she is presented with proof of payment for – as general rule – at least half payment of the capital (usually account statement or bank confirmation). Between registration by the notary and registration of the GmbH it can take days, in some cases even weeks. The GmbH only becomes legally existent upon entry in the commercial register and should only then be fully used in business transactions.

Buying a shelf company as a solution

By buying a shelf company, you save yourself time. You don’t need to go through the company formation process described above. The shelf company is pre-established by us, so it already exists and with an already opened up bank account in place. The shelf company can be acquired immediately and used by you for business without delays. The risk of personal liability is diminished as shelf companies are already registered in the commercial register and their capital is fully paid up when you take them over. You can find out how to buy a shelf company from us here: [LINK] Acquisition process Acquisition process.

Do shelf companies also have disadvantages?

If you buy a shelf company, the bottom line is that it is a bit more expensive than setting-up the company yourself, as we, as providers of shelf companies, charge compensation for our services. This disadvantage is offset by the numerous advantages mentioned.

Who can buy a shelf company?

Anyone can buy a shelf company. You can either buy your shelf company yourself as a private individual. Often the acquisition takes place through an acquisition vehicle which is another company, e.g. a GmbH (Ltd) shelf company is acquired by an existing GmbH (Ltd).

Are shelf companies legally permissible?

The formation of shelf companies is legally permissible according to the German Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichttshof, BGH – BGHZ 117, 323) provided that the purpose of serving as a shelf company becomes apparent from the objective of the company (so-called "storage foundation"). Sufficient for this is the statement "management of own assets" (German: "Verwaltung eigenen Vermögens").

At Blitzstart, we always set up our shelf companies according to the current legal requirements. Our board members are lawyers and have many years of experience and expertise. When you buy shelf companies from us, you can rely on a long-standing and highly specialized provider.

If you have any questions about the legal framework for the acquisition of a shelf company, we are happy to assist any time. Please note that you may buy shelf companies from us, but we cannot offer any legal or tax advice.

What do you have to consider when buying a shelf company?

If you want to buy a shelf company, you should rely on a reliable and proven provider. With the purchase of a shelf company via Blitzstart you are on the safe side. We have been on the market since 1998 and have already sold more than10,000 shelf companies. Our standardized acquisition process guarantees you the quickest possible take-over of your shelf company. See for yourself and contact us.

Shelf company costs – what does purchasing a shelf company cost me?

Making a reservation on a shelf company at Blitzstart is free of charge. We only charge a small fee for the reservation of SEs (Societas Europaea). When you buy a shelf company from us, you pay a certain purchase price depending on the legal form you choose. For a GmbH (Ltd), the price amounts to EUR 28,5000 including EUR 25,000 share capital. Blitzstart bears all costs associated with the formation oft he company. Buying a shelf company therefore costs a little more than establishing a company yourself. However, shelf companies also offer the numerous advantages presented. Do you have any questions regarding the costs? We are happy to assist. Contact us.

How does buying a shelf company work?

Please have a look at our step-by-step guide on how to buy a shelf company from us, from making a reservation to the notary appointment: Acquisition process.

Conclusion & reasons to buy

By buying a shelf company you avoid a lengthy and formalistic legal company formation process, associated liability risks and save valuable time. You can execute a planned transaction immediately and without delay when using a shelf company.



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