Transparency Register Service

The obligation to notify the Transparency Register serves to prevent money laundering and combat terrorist financing and is a key step in ensuring the integrity and compliance of businesses. It ensures that information on beneficial owners and owners of companies is transparent and accessible. All companies are legally obliged to report the required information. Our service takes care of this for you.

Support in clarifying relevant questions
Carrying out the actual reporting

Available rates


200€ flat rate
+ 50€ for extract on request
  • Transparency register notification according to requirements

Cursory check for correctness (and, if necessary, enquiry and rectification), no determination of the beneficial owner(s). No report of historical facts.


500€ flat rate*
+ 50€ for extract on request
  • Fact-finding

  • Transparency Register notification according to requirements

  • Determination of the beneficial owner(s) by our professionals

Determination of the beneficial owner(s) for all relevant periods; preparation of a report as a proposal with explanation; no legal advice.
* plus up to 1.000€ for additional effort for complex facts at our discretion; determination of historical facts according to effort at hourly rate of 200€

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