UG (Mini Ltd) shelf company

Buy a UG (Mini Ltd) shelf company

We offer Unternehmergesellschaften, UGs (Mini Ltds) shelf companies for acquisition within a maximum of 24 hours from Blitzstart. Our UGs have an existing bank account in which a share capital of EUR 300 is fully paid up. You can purchase a UG fast and easy from Blitzstart.

A UG (Mini Ltd) is comparable to a GmbH (Ltd), however the share capital of a UG is lower than the EUR 25,000 minimum share capital of a GmbH (Ltd). Our UGs come with a share capital of EUR 300.


UG (Mini Ltd) shelf company

Purchase price:   EUR 2,300
incl. EUR 300 Share capital

Duly incorporated
Share capital fully paid up
Registered with the commercial register
Bank account available
Immediate availability
German / English statutes
Including all documentation


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Basics Buying a “UG (Mini Ltd) shelf company”

We are happy to explain the background of buying a UG (Mini Ltd). If you want to buy a UG (Mini Ltd) and have specific questions about the process of purchasing the UG (Mini Ltd) at Blitzstart, please click here: Acquisition process.

What’s the difference between a GmbH (Ltd) and a UG (Mini Ltd)

A GmbH is a German limited liability company with a statutory minimum share capital amounting to EUR 25,000. With the UG, the German legislator introduced a limited liability company that can be capitalized with any amount between EUR 1 and 24,999. An UG is technically a GmbH and generally governed by the same laws.

Why buy a UG (Mini Ltd) instead of founding it?

We establish UGs as shelf companies so that you, as the purchaser can buy an already established UG. Such a pre-established UGs are already registered in the commercial register, but never conducted any business. The UGs have no operational history. You can acquire these UGs from us without any problems and thus avoid the time and effort required to go through a company formation process by yourself.

Our UGs have a share capital of EUR 300. If you want to acquire a GmbH with a share capital EUR 25,000, please see our offer: GmbH (Ltd) shelf company.

When should you buy a UG (Mini Ltd)?

You should buy a UG (Mini Ltd) shelf company if you are interested in the numerous advantages listed below. Buying a UG (Mini Ltd) is much easier than setting up your own company. You should therefore buy a UG (Mini Ltd) especially if you are interested in the quick business use of the UG.

Advantages if you buy a UG (Mini Ltd)

There are many advantages to purchasing an existing UG (Mini Ltd). As a professional provider, we are constantly establishing a large number of companies of all legal forms. We handle the company formation process quickly, standardized and avoid mistakes. By buying a UG (Mini Ltd) established by us, you avoid having to go through the company formation process yourself. This saves you time and avoids possible liability. It is significantly faster if you buy a UG (Mini Ltd) instead of founding it. The UG (Mini Ltd) you buy from us have an existing bank account.

Information on the topic shelf company in general can also be found on our page: Buying a shelf company.

Disadvantages when buying a UG (Mini Ltd)

For the service of the establishing a UG (Mini Ltd), we charge a fee that is fully included in the purchase price. The purchase price amounts to a total of EUR 2,300 including EUR 300 share capital. We do not charge any additional costs. The costs associated with the company formation: notary, fees for the registration courts, tax consultants and bank expenses are borne by Blitzstart. When you buy a UG (Mini Ltd), you will receive a full documentation including the statues of the shelf company.

Buy your UG (Mini Ltd) as part of a holding structure

At Blitzstart you can acquire ready-made participation and holding structures in addition to UGs (Mini Ltds). We create such structures at short notice according to your individual requirements, usually using existing shelf companies, but we are also happy to establish new companies and integrate them into structures (if you wish). For more information on these services, please visit the following website: Holding structures.


By buying a pre-established UG shelf company, you avoid the time and effort of setting up your own company. Buying a shelf company is straightforward and you will receive support from us at all times in all essential questions regarding the purchase and takeover of the company (no legal and tax advice). Thus, you are able to act in the shortest possible time and can use the UG for the purposes you have in mind.

Why buy at Blitzstart?

We are on the market as a provider for over 20 years and have extensive expertise in the field of incorporating and selling shelf companies. As soon as we receive your reservation request or order for a UG (Mini Ltd), we will quickly and efficiently handle the further acquisition process. Our service is reliable and has already proven itself with more than 10,000 shelf companies sold. Many of our customers buy from us again and again because they trust our service and quality standards. Please do not hesitate to contact us!



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