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Buy a European stock corporation (Societas Europaea, SE) shelf company

Acquire a European stock corporation (Societas Europaea, SE) fully established and already registered in the commercial register as a shelf company within a maximum of 24 hours from Blitzstart. Our SE shelf companies are available with a monistic (one-tier) or dualistic (two-tier) management structure. The share capital of EUR 120,000 is fully paid upon sale in a bank account of the company.


Societas Europaea (SE) shelf company

     – monistic (one-tier) or dualistic (two-tier)
Purchase price:   EUR 135,000
incl. EUR 120,000 Share capital

Duly incorporated and registered
Share capital fully paid up
Bank account available
Can be acquired immediately without a notary
Buy-side multi-nationality not necessary
Formation and purchase documents (German / English)

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Available versions

We offer our European stock corporations in two versions.

Monistic SE

The European Company has a Board of Directors (one-tier system). There are one or more executive directors.

Dualistic SE

The European company has a board and a supervisory board (dualistic system). This also corresponds to the model of the German stock corporation.

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Buying a European stock corporation (SE) – basics

In the following, we would like to explain different aspects of buying a European stock corporation (SE). If you have specific questions about the process of buying an European stock corporation (SE) at Blitzstart, please click here: Acquisition process.

What is a European stock corporation or Societas Europaea (SE)?

The European stock corporation or Societas Europaea (SE) is a unique company legal form. With the European stock corporation, the European Union has provided a uniform European legal form since 2004. In Germany, the SE was introduced by the Law on the Introduction of the European Company (SEEG) of December 22, 2004 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 3675).

Key facts – European stock corporation (SE):

  • Unique legal form
  • Corporation with share capital of EUR 120,000
  • Share capital divided into stocks
  • Registered office within the EU / EEA
  • Transfer of stocks in Germany according to German stock corporation Act (Aktiengesetz, AktG)

The main advantages of the European stock corporation (SE) include:

  • more flexible design of the management board by choosing between the monistic or dualistic system and
  • possibility of cross-border relocation without changing the legal form.

Formation of a European stock corporation / Societas Europaea (SE)

A European stock corporation requires in each case a multi-state reference:

      Principle of multi-nationality
In principle, the formation of a SE requires that the founders are based in at least two different EU member states or one of the EEA states Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway. An exception to this rule is the formation of an SE as a subsidiary (so-called secondary foundation).

A European stock corporation can only be founded in the following legally prescribed variants (numerus clausus). Founding by natural persons is not permitted:

  • Formation by merging two public limited companies based in two different member states.
  • Conversion (legal transformation) if a part of a group is already located in a second member state.
  • Establishment of an SE as a holding company for several companies based in different member states.
  • Foundation of an SE as a subsidiary by several companies in different member states.
  • Foundation of an SE as a subsidiary (secondary formation) of an existing SE – – this is how Blitzstart establishes SEs. See the following section.

Particular advantages of buying a European Company / Societas Europaea (SE) as a shelf company

Avoiding the particularly complex process of founding an SE (see numerus clausus of the forms of foundation).

✓ Actual multi-nationality is not necessary due to secondary formation.

The formation variants described above are all complex and require the existing structure of the founding company/companies to be multi-national. However, the purchase of a European stock corporation as a shelf company offers, in addition to the usual advantages of buying a shelf company, special relief compared to setting up one’s own company.

By acquiring a European stock corporation as a shelf company, you avoid the formation process and acquire a European company that is multi-national already pursuant to it’s legal form of a SE.

You can find out more about shelf companies in general here: Buy a shelf company.

Why buy an European company, Societas Europaea (SE) at Blitzstart?

Blitzstart founds its European stock corporations (SEs) exclusively through the secondary formation by using it’s founder holding company Blitzstart Gründungs SE.

As a result, our European stock corporations (SEs) have a clear and transparent formation structure, which is easy to understand even in the event of a later due diligence of the shelf company you have acquired.



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