KG (LP) shelf company

Buy a KG (LP) shelf company

You can buy a Kommanditgesellschaft, KG (German limited partnership, LLP) shelf company quickly and easily at Blitzstart. Our limited partnerships are registered in the commercial registers of the local courts in Munich or Frankfurt am Main. The fully paid-up limited partnership interest (limited liability capital of the limited partner) is EUR 500. On request, we can also sell you a general partner GmbH / company. All companies have a bank account that has already been set up, on which the liability interest is fully paid up.


KG (LP) shelf company

Purchase price:   EUR 2,800
incl. EUR 500 Limited partnership interest

Duly incorporated
Registered with the commercial register
Limited partner interest EUR 500 fully paid up
Bank account available
Seat in Frankfurt or Munich
Seats can be moved nationwide
Can be acquired immediately without a notary
Documentation in German & English


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Basics – Buying a KG (LP) shelf company

In the following, we would like to explain individual aspects of buying a KG (LP) shelf company in more detail. If you have specific questions about the process of buying a KG at Blitzstart, please click here: Acquisition process.

Why buy a KG (LP)?

To buy a KG (German limited partnership) as a shelf company is the best option for you if you want to use the KG for business operation at short notice. A KG pre-established as a shelf company exists as a partnership without a business operation, which is registered in the commercial register, but has not been economically active in the past. You can therefore start business immediately after buying such a limited partnership.

Buying a KG (LP): advantages

There are significant advantages to buying a KG shelf company. Our KGs have already been established and entered into the commercial register. By purchasing a KG shelf company, you save yourself having to set up your own company and the associated time delay, which is not clearly measurable in advance due to various uncertainties. Time can be lost, especially when setting up the bank account as well as when waiting for the company to be entered into the commercial register after the limited partnership interest has been paid into the bank account in full. When you buy a limited partnership as a shelf company, on the other hand, you acquire an existing KG from us (without a notary) and can use it for your business needs immediately.

Buy a KG (LP) – what to consider?

If you want to buy a German limited partnership (KG), you should pay attention to the actual availability of the shelf company from the provider. At Blitzstart we always have a contingent of limited partnership shelf companies. Enquire now!

Buy a KG (LP) – how it works

On the following page, we have summarized how making a reservation and purchasing a KG from us works: Acquisition process.


Buying a German limited partnership as a pre-established shelf company enables you to do business immediately. You avoid having to go through a possibly time-consuming, company formation process. You can easily take over the interest in the limited partnership. A notarial certification is not necessary. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about buying a limited partnership (no legal and tax advice). When you buy a German limited partnership from us, you benefit from over 20 years of experience in the formation and selling shelf companies. You can trust that your purchase will be processed fast and in accordance with the law. We have summarized the advantages of buying from Blitzstart again for you here: Advantages.



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