GmbH (Ltd) shelf company

Buy a GmbH (Ltd) shelf company

Acquire your GmbH (Ltd) shelf company in a legally compliant way from Blitzstart. Our GmbH (Ltd) shelf companies have an already established bank account on which the share capital of EUR 25,000 is fully paid up. Buying a GmbH (Ltd) shelf company from us is quick and easy.


GmbH (Ltd) shelf company

Purchase price:   EUR 28,500
incl. EUR 25,000 Share capital

Duly incorporated
Share capital fully paid up
Registered with the commercial register
Bank account available
Immediate availability
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Basics “Buying a GmbH shelf company”

In the following we would like to explain the topic "GmbH) shelf company" in more detail. If you have specific questions about the process of buying a GmbH shelf company at Blitzstart, please click here: Acquisition process.

What is GmbH shelf company?

A GmbH shelf company is an already founded company that has been registered in the commercial register and thus is a legally existing Limited pursuant to German law (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, GmbH), which can be acquired immediately by a buyer.

The GmbH shelf company is founded solely for the purpose that buyers buy this GmbH. Business operations only start after the buyer has acquired and taken over the company. Until then, the GmbH only existed as a non-operating "shell".

Buy a GmbH shelf company: the advantages

Buying a GmbH shelf company that was founded as a shelf company and thus already exists offers significant advantages. As a highly specialized service provider, we are constantly founding a large number of companies. This enables us to handle the formalistic company formation process fast, standardized and flawlessly. If you buy an existing GmbH from us, you save yourself the need to go through the company formation phase, rule out errors that can occur when starting up, and save time. Buying a GmbH shelf company is much quicker and easier than founding yourself. Our GmbH shelf companies have an already opened bank account. We would also be happy to provide you with general information on Buying a shelf company.

What are the disadvantages of buying a GmbH shelf company?

As a provider of GmbH shelf companies, we charge a fee for our service. Therefore, the purchase price of a GmbH shelf company amounts to a total of EUR 28,500 including EUR 25,000 share capital. By purchasing a GmbH shelf company, you, however, save up to EUR 1,000 in foundation costs (notary, registration costs, tax consultant, etc.) and most importantly time.

Who can buy a GmbH shelf company?

You can buy a GmbH shelf company as a private person. It is also possible that you buy one of our GmbH shelf companies with another GmbH or any other legal entity. At Blitzstart you cannot only buy a plain GmbH, but we also offer to create complete and properly capitalized holding structures for you on short notice and in accordance with your individual needs and requirements. Please find more information on our offer here: Holding structures.

What needs to be considered when buying a GmbH shelf company?

If you want to buy a GmbH shelf company, you should make sure that you choose a reliable provider with a proven track-record. Errors that less experienced providers can make when setting up a business are usually not apparent to you as a purchaser, or only become apparent to you when too late. It is also important that the GmbH shelf company can actually be sold to you in the shortest possible time, i.e. all necessary documents are generated in a very short time and – if necessary – originals are sent to the notary’s office for certification without undue delay. Blitzstart has founded and sold more than 10,000 shelf companies since 1998. Our sales process is legally secure and very fast. This is essential to you as a buyer of a shelf company.

Conclusion & reasons to buy

If you buy a GmbH founded as a shelf company, you will be able to use the company for business operations immediately. Also, you avoid going through the process of setting-up the company yourself. In comparison to the acquisition of a shelf company, setting-up a company means losing time. After the initial formation of the company at a notary’s office, you need to open a bank account. Registration at the commercial register can only take place after the share capital has been fully paid up to the newly opened bank account. Time passes again until the company is registered with the commercial register. Buying a GmbH shelf company at Blitzstart, on the other hand, is uncomplicated and you are immediately able to use the company for business operations.



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