AG shelf company

Buy an AG (German stock corporation) shelf company

Acquire an AG, German stock corporation in a maximum of 24 hours with Blitzstart. Our AGs have a bank account that can be taken over on request. The share capital of EUR 50,000 is fully paid up. You buy our AG shelf companies legally secure, fast and uncomplicated.


AG shelf company

Purchase price:   EUR 56,500
incl. EUR 50,000 Share capital

Duly incorporated and registered
Share capital fully paid up
Bank account available
Can be acquired immediately without a notary
Formation and purchase documents (German / English)


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Basics “Buying an AG shelf company”

In the following, we would like to shed light on some questions relating to the topic "buying an AG shelf company". If you want to buy an AG at Blitzstart and have questions about marking a reservation or purchase, visit the following page directly: Acquisition process.

Why buy an AG?

Buying an AG as a shelf company is the right step if you need a German stock corporation at short notice. Buying an AG is much faster than establishing such a company yourself. An AG shelf company is a pre-established, legally existing AG that is already fully registered in the commercial register. By buying such an AG, you can acquire a legally existing company at short notice.

Until you buy the AG shelf company and use it for your purposes, the AG only exists as a company-free "shell" and does not carry out any operational or other business activity.

Buy AG: advantages

Buying an AG offers significant advantages. We go through the entire company formation process for you and keep a stock of fully registered AGs ready for you to purchase. As a result, errors in the establishment and liability, for example due to incomplete capital raising, are excluded for you. You buy such an AG without wasting time. You will receive the original company formation and sales documentation within a very short time by express courier shipment. A notarial certification is not required. Buying a stock company is therefore quick and very uncomplicated. If you buy an AG from us, you will also receive an existing bank account with the company.

What needs to be considered when buying an AG shelf company?

Buying a shelf company in the form of an AG essentially promises you a time advantage and guarantees that errors in the company formation process are avoided. You should make sure that the provider of your shelf company can actually deliver and transfer it in a short time and that there is a proven company formation and sales process that ensure a fast and legally compliant acquisition. Blitzstart has successfully sold more than 10,000 shelf companies since 1998.

Conclusion and reasons for buying

By buying a pre-established AG shelf company, you are immediately able to act. You avoid a lengthy company formation process, e.g. consisting of notarial foundation, account setup, deposit of share capital and waiting for registration in the commercial register. The acquisition of the shares (the purchase) is possible without notarization. We at Blitzstart accompany you professionally through the entire purchase process. We have many years of experience in selling shelf companies. If you buy an AG from us, you can rely on a legally compliant company formation and trust that your order will be processed fast. Blitzstart’s unique selling points are also summarized here: Advantages.



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