Your professional service provider since 1998

Competitive ledge

In these days speed and flexibility are more than important. Blitzstart gives you the ledge to outpace your competitors. We support you with our shelf companies – be it for company start-ups, company reorganizations, transactions, IPOs or any other project.

At your service since 1998

Since its formation in 1998, Blitzstart has established and sold more than 10,000 shelf companies. Our board members are lawyers admitted to the bar who have many years of experience and expertise. We always offer the best solution to you. The most convenient and reliable implementation of your request is ensured through our competent and long-standing team.

Broad range of services

We offer the following legal forms: GmbH (LTD), SE (Societas Europaea), AG, GmbH & Co. KG (LLP), KG (LP) and UG (EC). We are happy to create uniform limited liability partnerships (Einheits KGs) and form holding structures or companies according to your custom requirements.

International clients

We serve customers all over the world. Our shelf companies are in demand globally.

Nationwide availability

Our shelf companies and services can be acquired and are available to you nationwide and in all major German business hubs.

Centralized Service

Unser Serviceangebot wickeln wir schwerpunktmäßig über unser Büro in München ab.

Law firms & Advisers

We are regularly commissioned through national and international law firms, lawyers and tax consultants, with whom we establish close cooperation serving our clients.

Blitzstart Group

Blitzstart conducts its business activities through Blitzstart Holding AG and its subsidiaries. Our shelf companies are initially founded by Blitzstart companies as shareholders and are kept by them unchanged until they are sold.

Our values

We are committed to professionalism at the highest quality standards. A first-class service arises when our services match exactly your needs. Our goal is to offer you the best possible service for your business success at all times.



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